Otrium – An Amsterdam-based Fashion E- Commerce startup, Challenges faced by the company, its partners, & much more!

Amsterdambased otrium 120m ustaylortech.eu

We will discuss everything that you must be aware of about An Amsterdam-based Fashion E-Commerce startup .

TIn the Amsterdam-based e-commerce company Otrium became successful in

a very short period of time. In the beginning, it was expanded in the US

market, which accelerated its growth to another level through C funding.

Otrium has raised $120 million in a fresh round of funding, headed by BOND

and Index Ventures, and later on follow-on investment was made by Eight

Road Ventures.

Amsterdambased otrium 120m ustaylortech.eu

The series C round is considered the ultimate push to Otrium’s entry into the

US market, which suddenly increased the level of additional unsold fashion

capabilities, and hired new staff. Juliet De Baubingy, the general partner of

BOND also joined Otrium’s board as a part of the agreement.

Liz Bacelar, the Global Executive Director of IT Innovation for Estee Lauder said

that “the surge of online shopping triggered by the pandemic could grow

online sales up to 25% in next few years, as most outlet stores are not

connected e-commerce and Otrium could be a catalyst for growth in this


At present, approximately 12% of produced clothing remains unsold due to

various reasons. If we consider roughly that is 230 million garments just in

Germany alone, and the country has a population of approximately 80 million.

The main focus of Otrium is to utilize this huge number of clothes, and reduce

these numbers as much as possible. The association has over 300 fashion

stores within the app, 3 million registered members, and partnerships with

several major brands.

To help the users to find the closets of their choice, now Otrium has launched

a set of advanced features for brands that will help them with forecasting. To

have an idea about what products sell and what don’t, the organization’s

partners have insight as to what could become their iconic product for sale.

Sayings by Otrium CEO and co-founder Milan Daniels “We believe that the

fashion world will see rebalancing in the next few years, with more sales being

driven by iconic items that brands sell year after year, and will be less reliant

on new seasonal launches. We work with brands to help them understand

which of their items will stand the test of time, at what price and quantity”.

Brands Collaborated With Otrium

Otrium has now become a family of over 300 brands after its incorporation

which has taken the association to another level of success. Below we are

mentioning some of the newly added royal brands:

  1. Theory
  2. Alchemist
  3. Closed
  4. Joseph
  5. All Saints

The organization has also joined respected affiliate companies such as:

  1. Alex Chung
  2. Karl Lagerfield
  3. Adidas
  4. Beistaff
  5. Calvein Klein
  6. Scotch & Soda
  7. Reiss
  8. Puma

You can write as well to Otrium over their official Email ID which is:


To contact over mobile number:

0031 (020)221-7184

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