Simple Hello Kitty Drawing Kids | Drawing Tutorial

Simple Hello Kitty Drawing Kids | Drawing Tutorial

Drawing Kids must be familiar with this endearing figure and interested in Hello Kitty Drawing. Another one of the most well-known cartoon characters is Hello, Kitty. She is a little, charming, modest, and innocent cat who is gaining popularity worldwide. Since her inception in 1974, she has appeared in various products, including toys, balloons, accessories, and apparel.

No film, comic book, or TV show served as the inspiration for Hello Kitty. Drawing Kids served as a marketing device for the Sanrio Co. of Japan. Sanrio established Hello Kitty as a benchmark for Japanese sweetness by placing adorable characters on commonplace goods. Created for young girls to use on school supplies, the kitten has grown in favor of older children, teenagers, and adults.

Simple Hello Kitty Drawing Kids

Today, the Hello Kitty emblem can be found on clothing, bumper stickers, and diamond jewelry. She is a rather straightforward and well-known cartoon character. Hello Kitty is popular in many books, comic books, video games, two Japanese theme parks, and animated and live television shows. She goes by Kitty White in full. She was born in London and is five apples tall.

In an imaginative universe with Hello Kitty, her mother, father, twin sister, and several other lovely characters reside. Would you like to learn how to draw Hello Kitty? Your children will find inspiration and enjoyment in this simple Hello Kitty drawing. If they follow our step-by-step instructions, they will easily learn how to draw a Hello Kitty. Let’s get going!

Step-by-Step Hello Kitty Drawing

Following this tutorial’s step-by-step instructions, you may learn how to draw Hello Kitty. Children may easily draw Hello Kitty thanks to this step-by-step method. Let’s proceed in small measures.


  • Drawing Hello Kitty will start with a sketch of her umbrella. We’ll start by creating a curve line to represent the umbrella of Hello Kitty.
  • Then, to create a scalloped shape, we will layer a sequence of brief curved lines on top of one another. A form with slight bends around the edges is said to have scalloped edges. Remove the excessively curled line after that.
  • To create the umbrella top, draw a long, curved line connecting the ends of the scalloped line. Next, trace a heart over the umbrella’s top.
  • An umbrella fabric is normally constructed from several panels fastened to spokes. Connect each point of the scalloped line to the circle at the top of the umbrella using long, curved lines. Next, make a few little circles over the umbrella to add detail.


  • We will draw Hello Kitty’s face in the second step of the drawing. We’ll make a circle for her face. Her face will become rounded from it.
  • Create a small, adorable ear for her by drawing a rounded triangle on her head. Then, we will design a bow using curved lines and a circle.
  • Below each ear, draw a circle, and around each circle, draw some curved lines to resemble a cat’s bow. Now, we’ll sketch an enclosed oval form with a flattened bottom from below the head down.
  • Then we’ll make her look at us. We will make a little circle for her eyes. Then we’ll add a tiny curving line to represent another flashing eye.
  • Create a tiny circle between the two eyes to create her adorable little nose. Add a few curved lines to both sides of her face to create her whiskers. Draw tiny circles around the bow to give it added detail.


  • A short, charming body will be drawn in this phase three of the Hello Kitty drawing tutorial. We’ll start with her clothing for this.
  • For the neck entrance of the clothing, create a “V” shape line, and for the crease in the garment, draw two parallel lines across the body. For her body, we’ll sketch an enclosed, crooked oval form that overlaps her head. It will have an oval form with a flat bottom.
  • Now stretch a horizontal line across the shape’s base. Create her legs by drawing two thin, curving lines from the center to the bottom.
  • Next, trace two parallel, curved horizontal lines over the body. Next, create a wavy, curving line that flows around the outline of Hello Kitty’s garment. Then use enclosed, curving lines to depict her arms. Likewise, give her dress more finishing touches, as seen in the reference picture.


  • The bag in her hands will be drawn in the fourth step of the Hello Kitty drawing. Hello, Kitty is holding a little handbag that resembles a bow.
  • We’ll make a small circle in the middle, creating enclosed, overlapping curved lines on either side to represent her purse. Our simple Hello Kitty picture is finished and prepared for coloring. Hello, Kitty comes in a huge variety. Your choice will ultimately determine your choice, although you can utilize your preferred colors.


  • Kids will find this Hello Kitty drawing stage highly inspiring and entertaining because it incorporates coloring. Coloring usually elicits excitement in children. Because of this, we advise using pink for this simple Hello Kitty drawing. You may turn this drawing into a masterpiece by using vibrant colors.

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