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How to get Someone’s IP on Discord with Wireshark?

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At first, Wireshark is the free and open source used to examine the traffic between your computers, network troubleshooting, software, and communication protocol development, etc. as well as help in detecting unknown hosts. In simple words, Wireshark is used to find the IP address of an unknown computer on my network.

What are IP addresses?

IP stands for Internet Protocol Address and is a set of rules for communication over the internet that is connected to a computer network. It allows your device to deliver or receive data packets across the internet.

How to find an IP address with Wireshark B ARP Request?

One can find the IP address of the unknown hosts by using Wireshark ARP requests on your network. Broadcast requests and ARP are most commonly used by clients’ machines in order to get a view of the entire network.

To get an unknown host’s IP address, users are advised to start the session with the Wireshark capture filter set, proceed when the unidentified host comes back, then only the first ARP request will be generated, and then proceed further by clicking on the request. One should keep trying to look for frames. After analyzing the frames using the Wireshark Packets detail display, the senders’ IP and MAC address are found in the address Resolution Protocol Part.


It is an instant messaging social platform that usually runs on windows macOS, Android, iOS, iPadOS, Linux, and Web Browsers which have the ability to communicate (through voice calls, video calls, text messaging, etc.) as part of communities called “servers”. A server provides chat rooms and voice channels that can be accessed through invite links.

How to get someone’s IP on Discord with Wireshark?

Transmitting media or data serves as one possible way to find someone’s IP address. Also, IP addresses are usually recorded by websites visited by the users. Users need to use sources like Wireshark to witness the data traveling outside the PC as Wireshark highlights the packets passed via the network interface. 

How to IP Ban someone on Discord?

Using Discord bound you to run into conflicts with the users. Discord had introduced a feature that allows you to ban any unwanted users from the platform. The platform will ban the users on Discord, who have the same IP address for the long haul. Banning is the key to getting rid of unwanted IP addresses. Users can ban unwanted IP addresses by using the five simple steps mentioned below:

  1. Launch Discord.
  2. Sign In.
  3. Select the server.
  4. Find the user.
  5. And finally, ban the user.

Decisively, getting Discord IP addresses is convenient on various occasions and comes much more quickly and easily. There are a number of programs available such as Discord IP Grabber. Downloading IP Grabber Discord on Mobile allows you to get links rapidly using link grabbing. Another program named Discord IP Resolver is also available to get the IP addresses of online users. Wireshark source will capture any IT that circulates packages to the computer.

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