How to Change your Facebook profile picture without Posting

how to update profile picture on facebook without losing likes

This post is about how to change your Facebook profile picture in an unexpected way without posting. What I am going to talk about in this post may sound a little bit confused at first, but do not worry too much, because this is the easiest way to change your profile picture firstly without posting and then later on without changing it. Chances are you’re reading this article because you want to change your profile picture, but don’t want to update everyone. Don’t worry, I was just in the same situation, and I’m here to help. It turns out there’s two quick and easy ways to change your profile photo without spamming all your friends (and whoever uses your phone’s notifications). Let’s get started.

How to Change your Facebook Profile Picture without notifying everyone in 2023

How to Change Your Facebook Profile Picture Without Notifying Everyone

Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with your friends, family and loved ones. But there’s one thing that can make it even better: changing your profile picture!

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But while it’s easy enough to upload a new photo, you may be wondering how to change your Facebook profile picture without posting it publicly first. That way, only your friends can see the new look until you’re ready to share it with all of them.

Here’s how:

Step 1: Find the photo you want to use for your profile pic by clicking “Change” next to the image in question.

Step 2: Click “Choose File.”

Step 3: Select the photo from your computer and click “Open.” The image will appear on screen with a green border around it, indicating that it’s been selected for use as your profile picture. If you want to save this file for later use or share it with someone else, click “Save Image As” and give it an appropriate name (such as “Profile Picture”).

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how to update profile picture on facebook without losing likes

The Facebook Profile Picture is one of the most important things on your profile. It’s how people recognize you, and some people go to great lengths to make sure their picture is perfect.

Sometimes, though, that picture needs updating. Maybe it’s not quite right anymore, or maybe you want to change it up a bit. Whatever the reason, here’s how to change your Facebook Profile Picture without losing any Likes.

The first thing you need to do is open up a browser and navigate over to (or You’ll see a page like this:

Penn Foster login portal

When you’re on this page, click Edit Profile Picture under your current profile picture (with your face in it). This will prompt you with a popup window that looks something like this:

This window will allow you to choose from different image sizes (so that Facebook can resize it properly). You can also upload an image from your computer by clicking Choose File and selecting an image from your hard drive (or wherever else you have it saved). When you’re done choosing which size and file type you want for your new profile picture, click Save Changes at the bottom of the popup window and voilà! Your new


Although Facebook allows you to change your profile picture as many times as you like without posting it to your timeline, there’s actually a little trick that will allow you to do so without anybody noticing. Simply go to your profile, click on the current profile picture, and upload a new one. Then, click back once more, copy the link to the new picture and close your tab. This will send you back to your timeline where you can paste the link and save it as a draft. Once that’s done, if you have any friends visiting your profile right then and try posting something, theirs will be posted instead of yours. However, as long as no one is currently viewing your profile at the time that you select a new photo, yours should remain hidden from view until the next time you decide to post it!

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