4 Ways to Get a Business Capital Loan Quickly and Easily for Beginners


Many entrepreneurs want to know how to get a business capital loan quickly. Yes, any business certainly requires sufficient capital or costs in order to facilitate business activities ranging from the process of producing goods, promotions, to marketing. Therefore, to get a payday loan quickly, it is very necessary

So, how do you get easy and fast business capital especially for those novice entrepreneurs?

You want to know it, right? For that, let’s look at some ways to get the following capital loan.

1. Borrowing Business Capital from the Bank

You can also apply for a capital loan to the bank to facilitate business activities. However, usually the bank is willing to provide loans to customers who have managed the business for some time and are businesses with a decent income. This is done to ensure that customers can pay their monthly loan installments to the bank.

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You can apply for capital or business funds ranging from millions to tens of millions. However, the bank will usually carry out special checks on your business, even visiting your place of business directly. If it meets the requirements, then the bank will disburse the loan funds.

2. Borrowing through Cooperatives

In addition to going through a bank, you can also borrow capital through a cooperative. Many small business actors in rural areas borrow money through cooperatives. However, you must first be registered as a member of the cooperative.

If you have met several requirements, the cooperative will be willing to disburse business capital to you. Similar to a capital loan at a bank, you also need to pay loan installments every month with a tenor period that has been agreed upon by both parties.

3. Applying for People’s Business Credit

Are you a small business actor? For this, you do not need to worry about capital matters. Now, there is a recommended source of capital loans for small business actors. Yes, he is the People’s Business Credit.

People’s Business Credit is a loan provider initiated by the government and in collaboration with banks specifically for Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises, and Cooperatives. The purpose of the People’s Business Credit is to encourage small business actors to develop better so that they are able to create new jobs.

Borrowing capital in People’s Business Credit can be up to several million rupiah with a fairly low interest so that it is not too burdensome for Micro, Small, Medium, and Cooperative business actors. People’s Business Credit consists of several forms of business, including forestry, agriculture, fisheries, to savings and loan service businesses.

4. Pawn Valuable Items

Another alternative way to get a business loan is to pawn your valuables. In this case, there are several types of valuables that you can pawn, such as cellphones, land certificates, computers, motorbikes, gold, and motorbikes.

Before mortgaging valuables to a pawnshop, you should choose a pawn shop that has been registered with the Financial Services Authority. Why so? This is because a pawnshop registered with the Financial Services Authority will be safer for you and the loan interest set will not be too burdensome for you.

In addition, you can also pawn valuables at a sharia pawnshop that applies Islamic principles. Sharia pawnshops do not stipulate loan interest, but will apply the principle of the Mu’nah Maintenance rate.

That’s an explanation of how to get a business capital loan quickly that can expedite your business towards success.

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