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Unless you are in the fashion, retail apparel, or home organization business, chances are you do not give much thought to the type of hanger you use.

We use hangers every day and can benefit from storing our clothes in the best possible way. That’s why it is weird that we mostly don’t pay much attention to what kind of hangers we have in our closets.

Why Quality Wood Hangers Are Your Best Choice

In addition to plastic and wire hangers, velvet hangers are an extra option that has its benefits. However, when it comes to hanging storage for your clothes, great wooden bulk hangers are the best. The reasons are as follows:

● They’re stronger and don’t bend, keeping your garment’s structure intact

● Will last a lifetime and provide better value

● Has a sturdier design to store heavier items like winter coats, jackets, and jeans

● Looks much better than wire and plastic hangers

● Offers special design features such as notches for clothing that can secure straps

● Your clothes are less likely to slip or wrinkle from the hanger

Are all wooden hangers the same?

Definitely not. A set of wooden hangers at your local store at an attractively low price may be better than the thin, flimsy wire hangers you currently have, but be careful.

Both wood and design quality are key factors that you need to focus on. Logically, the use of harder wood in the hangar construction would provide better strength and durability.

Maximize the Life of Your Clothes with Wooden Hangers

Our premium hardwood hangers are suitable for all types of clothing and help you get the most out of your clothes by providing the ideal storage solution for them.

You’ll spend less time ironing out the unsightly creases and wrinkles that a poor hanger type can bring.

High-end clothing, such as evening gowns or men’s formal wear, can cost thousands of dollars, so you need to protect your investment.

Which type of hanger is best to use?

In addition to plastic and wire hangers, velvet hangers are an extra option that has its benefits. However, when it comes to hanging storage for your clothes, high-quality wooden hangers are your best bet.

Are curved hangers better?

The curved hangers are there to keep clothes slightly separated on the bar. Wooden hangers with curves are great for helping suits and jackets get crushed and wrinkled in the closet. You may prefer to buy curved wood hangers for your suits, then choose flat wooden hangers for your pants and loungewear.

Why are velvet hangers better?

One of the benefits of velvet hangers is their slim design. Their slim profile allows most use of closet space. The best velvet hangers have a gentle shoulder profile to save clothes without bumps or creases. They should also have a strong hook wide enough to hang on a standard closet rod.


A hanger is one of the most inconspicuous items in your closet, but it does a great job of extending the life of your clothes. Buying a quality hanger should not be an afterthought. Choose and buy multifunctional or wooden or plastic hangers from the online store, you don’t have to worry about your clothes getting out of shape any time soon.

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