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If you have a taste for music that has a hard driving beat and a real message behind it, the band that you might be looking for is Bad Religion. Bad Religion was formed in the early eighties and they are often cited as the beginning of a punk rock revival. By the late eighties, they were often lauded as inspiration to other punk bands and also to people who combined a pop sensibility with a punk sound. They have often been praised for having a very sophisticated style, with an impressive and literary form of metaphor and a heightened use of imagery. Though they have a varied discography, their predominant themes include personal and social responsibility.

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This band has been around for almost thirty years, and it was originally formed by Greg Graffin on vocals, Brett Gurewitz on guitars, Jay Ziskrout on drums and Jay Bentley on bass. Throughout its career, the band has seen many lineup changes and Graffin is the only original member who is still constantly with the band though at the moment. Currently, Bad Religion performs as a six piece set, with Greg Graffin, Bret Gurewitz, Jay Bentley, Greg Hetson, Brian Baker and Brooks Wackerman. This is the currently lineup that is often referred to on Bad Religion merch.

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At this point, Bad Religion has released fourteen studio albums, three compilation albums, a live recording, two EPs and two DVDs. Though the band has fallen in and out of public favor, it is certainly worth nothing that their album from 1988, Suffer, is often cited as one of the most important albums in the rock genre of all time. Similarly, they gained fame and a great deal of personal recognition with their album in 1993, Recipe for Hate. Recipe for Hate would be the highest initial charting album in the band’s career, and the album after that, which contained some of their most well known hit singles, Infected and 21st Century Digital Boy. The band experienced something of a decline after that release until the album The New America was released in 2000.

Whether you are looking at Bad Religion merch or you are curious about what it has to offer, you will find that many of their songs relate to social ills. There is usually no single cause of these ills, and Graffin, who writes many o the songs of the groups. Graffin, who along with Gurewitz, are the band’s main songwriters, has stated that the current political situation can make a good expression of concerns problematic, due to the high probably of seeing the polarization for the viewpoints.

Despite the name that was chosen by the band, none of the members consider themselves to be atheist. Instead, it has been stated before that the religion is in fact a metaphor for things that prevent freedom of thought and freedom of expression.

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The band Bad Religion is one that has a great history behind it and an impressive future in front of it. Take some time to consider what you might be looking at when you want to take a look at Bad Religion merch.

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