International Baccalaureate or IB Program: A Helpful Guide

IB Program or international baccalaureate is a high school program that allows the students to direct their learning pathway. The program also helps them develop the confidence and skills needed to make a lasting difference and thrive in their academic careers.

The IB program also empowers all the teachers as the architects of learning excellence, making them work with their colleagues in a career supported by the global network.

Furthermore, the program provides private international schools an opportunity to be successful and achieve positive results that can uplift the entire community.

Who Can Opt for an International Baccalaureate Program?

The main objective of the international baccalaureate program is to provide top-notch education to all students. High school students who are between 16 years to 19 years old can apply for this particular program. 

Every school following the IB curriculum might have its GPA requirements. Some academies that propose this program also have limited spots, making the application process competitive. 

Parents who desire to enlist their kids into an IB program must speak with the counselors to learn about the specific requirements of this particular program. 

How One Can Become an IB Program Student?

Reputed and best private schools in Singapore offer students the opportunity to apply. Students have to complete this particular application within a specified deadline. 

This application is available on the official website of the IB schools, or it can be obtained from the school counselors. Also, there are certain things, which students might need to attach with the application. These are:

·  Personal statement or writing samples

·  Grade reports

·  List of extracurricular activities

·  Recommendation letters from teachers

·  Vaccination reports 

·  Essays.

Besides that, students applying for the international baccalaureate program must reside within a specific distance from the institute that provides this particular program.

Reasons to Opt for IB Program from the Best Private School in Singapore

The IB program is an alternative option for the international level high school programs, such as Advanced Placement or A-level programs. The most popular and the best private school in Singapore, GIIS, also offers this IB program. Here are the reasons that make this program so special. 

1.     Universal Residency 

The IB program is internationally recognized. Over 150 nations provide the program, and universities and colleges from 90 countries recognize this curriculum. 

This also includes all the prestigious universities located in Singapore, such as:

·  Singapore Management University

·  National University of Singapore

·  Singapore University of Technology and Design

·  Nanyang Technological University

The curriculum of this program educates all the students to become culturally aware, making them prepared as global citizens.

2.     Time Managing 

To become an excellent independent student, he/she needs to opt for time management. The IB program helps students develop this skill. 

Students can easily master skills like resisting distractions, developing revision techniques, making time for assignments, and establishing excellent study habits. 

These skills will always keep them one step forward when preparing for university-level education.

3.     Personal Evolution 

The IB program offered by the best private school in Singapore will help students go through a journey of personal evolution. They also get to:

·  Learn through their experience 

·  Manage and research their work well

·  Balance the academic work with the co-curricular activities

·  Learn to articulate their own opinions

The level of personal growth is one of the primary reasons to opt for this particular program.

4.     Extensive Learning

The A-level programs need all the students to specialize in 3 or 4 subjects. 

But the IB program students must study courses from 6 different subject groups, including Mathematics, Humanities, Languages, and Sciences. 

The structure of this particular program helps students engage in extensive learning thus helping them develop understanding and knowledge.

5.     The Autonomy 

Students of the IB program are encouraged to draw comparisons and establish connections between all the things they learn and can also follow their own set of instincts.

Students have the opportunity to draw references from various aspects in the practical world and can also develop a crystal clear understanding of those issues. 

All the IB program students have the right to seek out things that inspire and interest them.

6.     Thinking Individually 

In an IB classroom, there is two-way communication and discussion between the students and teachers. All the students are encouraged to voice and speak about their opinions. 

This particular teaching style enables all the students to become capable of actual thoughts, and be confident about the various perspectives in life. It also helps them stay informed and listen to others.

Final Thoughts

IB programs have become extremely popular among private international schools. These programs are much better than the A-level programs and help all high school students gain proper knowledge and understanding. 

This program allows students to express their thoughts and opinions on a topic. The program is also ideal for all students looking for a challenging and broad curriculum. 

Opting for this program will let students gain all the skills required to succeed at the university level. 

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