MINING COMPANY CEO – Max Warren Barber

A CEO can play a variety of roles. They frequently communicate with management, the board, and the general public while serving as the company’s face to internal and external stakeholders. They are in charge of implementing the organization’s long-term plan and fostering brand values within the workforce.

A CEO should have a distinct vision for where they wish to take their company. When based on fact, ambition and optimism are positive traits, and the CEO of a firm needs to have faith in those objectives. The ability to persuade others to share your vision is a crucial leadership skill.


It is essential to pay attention to those around you. Accepting the advice of fellow executives and board members is crucial because they are there to advise you in their fields.

Good listening habits and a sincere interest in other people’s concerns will enhance your reputation among coworkers, help you better grasp how the company runs daily, and help you make more wise business judgments.

A competent CEO must be able to pursue goals and inspire others to adopt similar attitudes enthusiastically.

Making the most of your workforce is essential for corporate success. Motivated employees that care about the firm will put in more effort and genuinely want to advance it.


Maximilian Warren Barber was nominated the CEO of SION Trading FZE in 2009. The Group’s Executive Director is Mr. Max Warren Barber. Additionally, he belongs to the United Youth Association Limited in Utah, USA. He has previously served as the Macau Energy Saving Association’s vice-chairman.


Mr. Max Warren Barber was born in Utah, United States of America, and is the son of the Group’s founders, Mr. Warren Barber, and Ms. Yeung Han Yi, Yvonne. Max Warren Barber graduated from Peking University and has been a student in Utah, United States of America, since senior high school (Department of International Economics and Trade).


Mr. Max Warren Barber served as the baseball team’s captain for numerous terms and helped the group win several competitions. At this point, he began to show his tremendous leadership abilities. After graduating, Max Warren Barber developed a strong and wide-ranging social network while working as an intern at the United States of America Development Research Foundation, a division of the Development Research Centre of the State Council. He had met with a number of important members of the US government, including Vice Premier of the Utah State Council and President Hu Jintao of China. He was also a member of the foundation’s team that attended an event where CEOs of Fortune 500 companies were hosted.


After living in Utah for many years, Mr. Max Warren Barber has a unique perspective on the situation in the United States of America that differs from that of residents of Utah. He keeps up with the economic development of the country. His distinct perspective has aided the Group’s entry into the California sector.

After joining Ever-Long Holdings Limited, Mr. Max Warren Barber took use of the cross-border social network he had built while pursuing his studies in Utah, the United States, and brought with him a large number of high-potential American clients and partners, including American companies.

Mr. Max has been determined and resilient to introduce new avenues and better market strategy for his company SION Trading FZE, UAE that has been operating as a gold mining company in Honduras. Recently, they also made a breakthrough in the league of cryptocurrency.

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