Types of dirndl dress you must know

dirndl dress

A dirndl dress is known as the latest fashion trend to date. You can have a dirndl in two ways, a midi or mid-length skirt dress. Either of them is captivating enough to turn heads around you. 

Dirndl dresses have evolved over the years. There used to be only one type of a dirndl available previously. However, a modern version comes with various colors, designs and fabrics.

We have compiled a list of dirndl dresses at one’s fingertip. You can easily examine it and choose it as per your desire.

Classification of dirndl dress accessible for everyone

You are not restricted to one type of dirndl dress. You can choose from a range of dirndl dresses. As Oktoberfest approaches, now is the best time to pick the best suite dirndl for yourself.

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Oktoberfest dirndl

The possibilities of variations in German dirndl dress are endless. You can have as much customization as you want. Women of every age group can wear a German dirndl. You can have a traditional dirndl as well as a modern touch dirndl. No matter how customized these dirndls are, the traditional aspect is still not sabotaged in any of them. 

You’ll still be able to relate your modern-day dirndl with a vintage one. However, the length of dirndls may vary. Previously a dirndl was seen with a long skirt. Nonetheless, you can still opt for it if you are a middle-aged or older woman. There is no age limit to wear a German dirndl, and it is for everyone. 

If you are a young woman, you can try out a midi or mid-length skirt that embraces an alluring look for Oktoberfest. As mentioned above, a dirndl caters for all age groups. Mini dirndl looks adorable on teens and little girls. 

Vintage dirndl

A dirndl dress is vintage and traditional dress. It originated in the 19th century and was worn by Bavarian working women. However, the contemporary designed vintage dirndls have retro flavours in them. You can have a lot of polka dots, patterned, embroidered dirndl designs in this category which remind you of old times. 

A vintage dirndl is best possible to bring life to a party. Whether you wear it day or night, the range has so much to offer you. You can feel the refreshing effect while wearing a floral print dirndl; however, if you do not admire floral or polka dots prints. A checkered or striped styled dirndl dress is also available online.

Midi dirndl

Midi dirndls have knee-length skirts. It gives you a uber-chic look to embrace the most captivating outlook. The vivid colours and cuts of these midi dirndls add a luxurious touch to your dirndl dress. These midi dirndls are perfect for you to give a feminine look that every woman deserves. 

Moreover, the detailed embroidered and imprinted flowers on these dresses are enchanting and almost impossible to resist. 

Maxi dirndl

Are you looking for something to woo men around you? Well, guess what, a maxi dirndl is a right pick. It gives you a luminous look and is best for night parties. A dirndl dress is no longer restricted to Oktoberfest. It has now become the latest fashion trend. Previously, it was known to be a traditional Bavarian long dress. Nonetheless, its design has been revamped in fabrics, vibrant colours and bold cuts. 

If you think that a long maxi dress might be dirty or have watermarks, you are not thinking straight. These long dirndl dresses are designed with hemmed edges. It is the best way to keep dirt and spot marks at bay.

Checkered dirndl

Whether checkered or striped, a dirndl dress undoubtedly looks best in every print and cut. However, a checkered dirndl is a great new addition to the range of dirndls. The checkered design reminds us that dirndl dresses were considered a maid’s uniform. 

Also, a checkered dirndl is available in velvet, cotton, silk, and other fabrics. You can select the type of fabric you want to wear as per the time and weather conditions.

Bavarian dirndl

An elegant-looking Bavarian dirndl is eye-catching and captivating enough to be bought. If you wish to look like a local in Oktoberfest, then you must think about purchasing one. And that’s not the only reason why you should buy it. It is a great way to get vintage vibes, as these dirndl dresses come with all the elements a vintage dress must have. You’ll see frill sleeves, long/short skirts and patterned/embroidered blouses. All the elements together make up a modern yet traditional looking Bavarian dirndl. Wait no further. Get your hands on it before it lasts!

The best German dirndl dress in town is a tap away!

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