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One of the most important parts of traditional dirndl fashion is jewelry. The right combination of simple jewelry work can really enhance any dirndl dress you wear.

With the charm and tradition surrounding Oktoberfest, it is no surprise that one of the most common accessories women love to adorn themselves with is a decorative headband. This piece of accessory will make sure you look your best while enjoying some traditional Bavarian beer.

If you are a lover of tradition and history, going to Germany for Oktoberfest can be an eye-opening adventure. Yet, what makes this traditional festival truly charming is the fact that it is actually brimming with some upcoming trends in fashion and lifestyle.

Customary Dirndl Jewelry To Wear This Oktoberfest

Jewelry is traditionally worn at Oktoberfest. It can be as simple or elaborate as you like, but keep in mind that the point of jewelry is to draw attention to your best features. As women, we know what parts of our bodies we like most, and it is up to us to accentuate those areas with our jewelry.

A variety of dirndl necklaces, rings, and bracelets can be paired with an outfit in order to enhance its visual appeal.

The traditional Bavarian dirndl dress is elegant, but it’s likely that you’ll want to accessorize it with a necklace or two. We’ve picked out the favorite ones here.

  • Heart-Shaped Necklace

Heart-shaped necklaces are a common sight at the festival. One particular necklace features a hand-painted cordate pendant with colored pearls strung to the side and an additional mini-heart inside. The mini-heart can be adorned with aesthetically painted flowers and shimmering stones. The most attractive colors for this necklace are beige, pink, and red.

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  • Multi-Row Necklace

For a truly captivating look, try multi-row necklaces. These eye-catching pieces do particularly well with plunging necklines and ruffled sleeves. The beauty of these necklaces is magnified by small glass beads, various-sized crystals, and sparkling tones.

A dazzling necklace that can be worn around the neck or lowered into a dirndl’s neckline depending on how you feel features three sizable, spherical crystal stones with dazzling cuts. Champagne, gold, white, crimson red, and black are gorgeous color choices for this accessory. It is the ideal accent for a vintage dirndl outfit.

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  • Cord Necklaces

Leather cord necklaces can add a gothic flair to your Beerfest costume. A brown leather cord paired with a silver pendant in the shape of a leaf makes an attractive necklace. The heart-shaped pendant is surrounded by an ornamental edelweiss design and has a crystal in the middle for extra sparkle.

 You will look great in this Bavarian costume when you wear it with the addition of a horn-shaped charm on a cord band. This band will hold the pendants together, making it the perfect choice for your outfit.

  • Traditional Chokers

Oktoberfest is a great time to wear chokers. You can choose between a heart-shaped metal pendant with stones and pearls or a small edelweiss-style pendant studded with rhinestones that match the hues of the velvet ribbon. The best colors for the ribbon are red and blue, which bring back traditional colors from the Bavarian festival.

  • Charivari Chains

Oktoberfest dirndl, the traditional Bavarian dresses worn for special occasions, can be accessorized with a wide array of costume jewelry. From sparkling costume chains to elegant earrings and bracelets, you can add a bit of flair to any dirndl.

Jewelry made of gold, silver, and other precious materials has been around for thousands of years. Jewelry can be worn to bring attention to certain features and make an outfit stand out.

Charivari chains are a charming accessory to any Oktoberfest dirndl dress. They are available in many different designs, which can be attached to the bodice or apron of the dress to add a touch of elegance. 

Traditional Jewelry as a Complement to Vintage DIrndl 

A classic piece of jewelry is an important part of every outfit. Whether at Oktoberfest or for a day on the Lakes: whether for the boys or the ladies, everyone needs a piece of costume jewelry to tie their outfit together. Sturdy and well-made Dirndl necklaces are ideal for emphasizing the chest, particularly as a single stone or inscription. 

Also, with the vintage dirndl necklace, you can set your outfit in summer fashion, so you always have something wonderful and not boring to wear on holiday. 

Buy Vintage Dirndl Dress Along With Accessories!

You don’t have to travel all the way to Bavaria in order to buy Oktoberfest dirndl dresses! These lovely traditional outfits and accessories are also available online at the Lederhosen Store, where you can find a lot of colors, styles, and sizes. There is a wide variety for everyone’s tastes. These dresses are perfect during German festivals as well, because they make you feel entirely Bavarian!

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