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You could be debating between buying a brand-new vehicle and rebuilding an aging semi. This tendency in the transportation sector is a reactionary response to the industry’s unpredictability and the trucker’s rising operating expenses for equipment and going to closest tire shop.

For owner-operators who can do repairs on their own, wish to cut start-up expenses, and conduct the necessary study to prepare for the effort required in maintaining an old vehicle, rebuilding an older semi-truck can be an excellent alternative.

Why Do Individuals Favor Older Rigs?

Restoration work on big rigs is more frequent than ever these days. Many truckers choose to rebuild and repair older model at semi trailer repair shop rather than purchase a new vehicle, mainly if the engine is “pre-emission.”

Many truckers are turning to fixing and renovating outdated big rigs to keep expenses down when you combine that with the low pay rates. For many, buying a new truck is not appealing or sensible. If the conditions are appropriate, purchasing a secondhand rig has several benefits.

Why Restore or Rebuild Instead of Buying New?

  • Used Semi Trucks Cost Less to Purchase

Getting a modest loan for an engine overhaul is less expensive than financing a new truck. Financing for new trucks has a minimum payment commitment of five years that is guaranteed.

A truck may need repairs even if it is brand new, so keep that in mind. Regular upkeep, problems with the computerized systems, or just the extra expenditures associated with emissions-approved trucks can mount up.

  • Older rigs require more straightforward and less expensive repairs.

The older equipment is straightforward enough that when it malfunctions, it is pretty simple to fix. Most owner-operators find it virtually hard to operate on the digital components of modern vehicles.

  • The earlier trucks were easy to fix. 

Thus the typical driver could repair them. If you can learn some simple maintenance and repairs, you might avoid paying the current $120+/hour shop cost and save thousands of dollars and downtime.

Experienced Truck More Reliable & Predictable Engines

Older semi trucks have, so to speak, “cut their teeth” in the transportation industry. You know the kinds of problems to anticipate and whether an engine has a track record of dependability. So that you know what you’re buying, details like fuel efficiency, typical maintenance, performance, and engine life expectancy have been fleshed out.

Long-standing engines and transmissions with a solid track record for dependability and reparability are wise selections. The newest and best technology may first look alluring, but without a track record, they are frequently unpredictable.

When Not to Purchase a Used Semi-Trailer

Although purchasing and renovating an older model semi truck might have numerous benefits, it is not always the most excellent choice.

A used rig purchase has dangers. If you can afford it, buying fresh can be a better alternative. It can be worthwhile if you investigate your equipment and can afford a better model. You may spend a small fortune attempting to repair a poorly maintained semi-vehicle.

Benefits of Old Semi Trucks

The price of new trucks is too high. That is the crux of the issue. Payments on a vehicle worth more than $160,000 are absurd in light of many drivers’ high earnings.

Additionally, there are a lot of additional expenses associated with emissions vehicles.

For instance, emissions equipment raises the cost of a truck’s specification by roughly $4000. In addition to the high price per gallon of diesel fuel, DEF is $290 per gallon, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Don’t overlook the PDF injector, cleaning, and other factors.

New trucks cost more, entail additional expenses, and might not even be dependable. Some customers choose newer trucks in the hopes of making long-term financial savings due to increased fuel economy. Dealers of new trucks frequently shout about increased fuel efficiency. However, they certainly don’t inform you of the various issues with sensors and other emissions-related components.

What Rig to Choose for a Rebuild

Not just any vehicle should be the subject of a rebuild. Some have significant faults, such as wiring difficulties, which can be very expensive to rectify and cannot be fixed by applying a patch. You ought to be aware of the truck’s past. Ideally, you are familiar with the prior owner’s driving and maintenance habits. You could get lucky and get a terrific offer from a reliable fleet. Although it’s not unheard of, it’s nonetheless dangerous.

Awaiting the Rebuild?

It would help if you considered the benefits and drawbacks of both new and restored items. If you aren’t willing to handle repairs yourself or aren’t sure you understand what you’re getting into, purchasing used might harm your return on investment.

Similar to buying used, buying new might lead to a lemon with high ongoing expenditures and locks you into a market sector you might not want to stay in.

Although rebuilding the truck engine at trailer repair shops might be costly, the final product can be a very dependable, sturdy engine that lasts for many years. You will undoubtedly have a challenging challenge if you refurbish an old semi-truck and get it back in operation. Make sure you are willing to invest the necessary time and money.

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