Wordle Today #415 Answer, Hint and Clues, Monday, August 8

Another day, another Wordle, another daily Wordle column from your humble storyteller and puzzle solver.

If you had told me when I went to college in the early 2000s that I would one day write a daily guide to a 5-letter puzzle game that took the internet by storm, I wouldn’t have known where to put it. had left.

Back then there weren’t really blogs. No social media to speak of until MySpace came out in 2003, and even then most people didn’t know what it was. I didn’t have a ‘smartphone’ until after graduation.

Still, I wanted to be a writer when I graduated and I’ve been writing professionally for the past 12 years, so I consider that a win. If that sometimes means paying the bills with a few game guides, and getting to write whatever you like, I’m fine with that.

Anyway, it’s Monday and we need to solve a Wordle. Let’s do this.

Wordle #415 Today’s Hint & Answer

First, a spoiler warning. You have been warned. I also include a ‘clue’ below the hint that tells you something about the spelling or structure of the word, so an extra double spoiler warning today!

Second, a hint: When you are unprepared or unqualified or not ready for something, this is you.

Third, an idea: This word starts with a vowel.

Fourth, the answer:

My opening guess narrowed things down to just 154 solutions, which isn’t terrible, but it isn’t great either. Still, I got the ‘I’ in yellow and eliminated a lot of regular letters. Brain was a solid second choice, getting the ‘I’ in green, the ‘N’ in yellow and lowering possible solutions to just 6 according to Wordle Bot.

My third guess, loosen, is exactly what our dear robot friend would have chosen, leaving me only one possible guess – or at least right Guess. Turns out I wasn’t not suitable for today’s challenge. Howdy!

Happy Monday, young padawans! It’s school week again for my kids, so wish us the best of luck!

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