Trump says White House doctor ‘loved’ looking at his ‘strong’ body

Former President Donald J. Trump raised eyebrows when he singled out his former White House physician — now a Texas congressman — claiming the doctor “loved” looking at his body.

Speaking Saturday night at CPAC in Dallas, Trump pointed to Ronny Jackson and said, “He was an admiral, a doctor, and now he’s a congressman.

‘I said, ‘Which is best, if you could choose?’ He designated some sort of doctor because he loved looking at my body,” Trump said. “It was so strong.”

He went on; “He said I’m the healthiest president who ever lived. I was the healthiest. I said, ‘I like this man.’”

Mr. Jackson, 55, is a retired United States Navy Vice Admiral who was appointed Chief Medical Officer by Trump in 2019, a newly created position in the Executive Office. The doctor resigned in December 2019 and applied days later to run for congress in Texas’s 13th congressional district, which includes most of the Texas Panhandle.

He was elected president the following year and currently serves in Congress as a staunch conservative and supporter of Trump.

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