“Maybe it would be best for Democrats if Biden was a one-time president”

Speaking on FNC’s “Sunday Morning Futures,” Harvard law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz weighed in on President Joe Biden’s low approval ratings.

He suggested that in the long run, Biden might be best for the Democratic Party to be a “one-time president.”

“[A]rate what you just heard,” host Maria Bartiromo said. “Obviously, President Biden’s approvals and support among his own party are on the wane.”

“Well, he’s got to make a decision now,” Dershowitz replied. “He has to decide whether to run or leave and make room for other people. When he’s not running, the field is very, very wide. There is no clear candidate. If Trump wins, Biden can probably beat him again. But if DeSantis ran, Biden probably wouldn’t be able to beat him.”

“So I think the Democrats need to make sure that the same mistake that Ruth Bader Ginsburg made is not to retire on time and have her place filled by a conservative Republican, that mistake cannot be made,” Dershowitz added. “Look, President Biden has been the president of the modern age. He calmed things down. He stabilized things. Ford was a one-term president. Perhaps the best thing for the Democrats would be if Biden had a one-term president would be.”

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