Mass shooting in Cincinnati leaves 9 injured as police search for suspects

Police are looking for at least two suspects after nine people were injured in a mass shooting during a chaotic scene in downtown Cincinnati early Sunday morning.

Police were called to Main Street in downtown to respond to reports of a disorderly crowd, Cincinnati Police Department Lt. Col. Mike John said at a news conference Sunday.

Two groups started fighting as police cleared the crowd, and at least two people involved in the fight drew their guns and opened fire on the crowd, John told reporters.

A police officer fired at one of the gunmen, who fled. A second unidentified suspect then fired more shots, John said.

A total of eight men and one woman, ages 23 to 47, suffered non-life-threatening injuries. Police are asking people who have information about the suspects to contact the police.

Cincinnati Mayor Aftab Pureval called Sunday’s gun violence “an absolute tragedy.”

“What happened last night was completely and totally unacceptable,” Pureval said. “The gun violence we see in our community cannot and will not continue.”

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