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Lionel Messi Compilation For PSG Against Clermont Shows He Is Still The Best Player In The World

Messi delivered a great performance in the opening game of PSG’s new season on Saturday.

But it wasn’t just his goals that made fans spin on his scintillating outing.

Messi looked to be back at his best after a disappointing season last season.

He was extremely influential in the offensive third, falling deep to pick up the ball to dictate play.

The 35-year-old showed his playing skills, sprayed the ball over the park and seems fully integrated into the team.

Twitter user @TotalLM10i shared a clip of Messi’s individual highlights and it makes for an incredible viewing experience.

Needless to say, his performance made social media go wild.

One Twitter user wrote: “He scored an overhead kick, but his game was second to none as always. The line-breaking passes, how he carried the ball forward, how he slid down the field, just wow.”

A second tweeted: “Making games and scoring goals in one game masterclass.”

A third added: “35 and still playing as a young player.”

Another commented: “He’s really back.”

PSG boss Christophe Galtier spoke highly of Messi and revealed the conversation he had with the attacker in preparation for the season.

“I spoke with Leo during our stay in Japan, as well as with the defensive sector to try to ensure that he can always perform as well as possible,” he said.

“He is very sharp, tactically very clear. He sees very quickly where to be, how to position himself to play. He is in a zone that he likes. He likes to play with players around him. Like Leo laughs, team laughs too.”

About his goal, Galtier added: “Was I surprised by what he did? No, but I liked the goal. He has been playing at the highest level for 17 years. Last year he had a difficult season, he had to adapt. Every season before that he had scored at least 30 goals.

“Since he’s had a full pre-season and is settled in both his family life and the club, there’s no reason why he won’t have a great season. If he works with Kylian, we’ll have even more attacking power.” “

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