49ers training camp: Brandon Aiyuk looks ready for breakout season

SANTA CLARA, California — Saturday morning training for the Niners was fast paced and competitive. It was pretty obvious, from start to finish, how talented this group is. Oh, and Trey Lance capped it off with a nice cross-body throw where he stepped up and broke the bag to his left, then tossed to the left to find Ray-Ray McCloud at the goal line. The rest? Please …

1) You can’t walk across a field in the Niners facility without someone bringing up Brandon Aiyuk. He had a strong finish until 2021, of course, and he has only built on that, becoming a more complete receiver in a place that demands a lot from the position. From a skills perspective, his ability to win in man cover should be huge for the 49ers to take advantage of defenses overplaying their vaunted run game (which now involves Trey Lance).

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