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‘I’m running to save Connecticut from the Blumenthal Blight’

Leora Levy, former President Donald Trump’s choice for the US Senate in Connecticut, spoke to Breitbart News about her campaign to “get Connecticut rid of the Blumenthal Blight” just days before Tuesday’s Republican Senate primaries.


Breitbart News Saturday host Matthew Boyle praised Levy for recently gaining the support of former President Donald Trump and hopefully asked the Senate to talk about the importance of the approval.

“Well, to be endorsed by President Trump is such an honor. I’m so proud and genuinely impressed that he believes in me the way many Republican voters in Connecticut believe in me,” Levy said. “I am the strongest candidate to take on and defeat Dick Blumenthal. I am running to save Connecticut from Blumenthal disease.”

“The problems driving this election in Connecticut are the same ones that are causing it nationally: high inflation, record high gas prices, rising crime, the invasion of our border, and a very important issue here is parental rights. Parental rights are being violated here,” Levy continued.

Levy also revealed that her family fled Cuba when she was a child to escape “Castro’s communism.”

“You know, I was born in Cuba. I came here as a child. We escaped Castro’s communism. My father started all over again. We lost everything in two, but came up with nothing,” said Levy. “I understand how, how lucky I am, how blessed I am to grow up in the United States of America. And I thank God every morning that I have a I am an American woman, an American citizen who has come here legally.”

Levy criticized her main opponent Themis Klarides for being weak on the Second Amendment and endorsed by Planned Parenthood. She said that unlike her opponent, who is a “career politician,” she is a “career American.”

Connecticut’s Republican voters have a clear choice. She is a career politician who has been in office for 22 years, she does business the same way as Dick Blumenthal,” Levy said. “And she votes the same way he does. She had a hand in writing Connecticut’s very restrictive gun laws that punish law-abiding citizens,” Levy said.

“I will always stand up and defend our Second Amendment rights,” Levy added. “I received the highest possible ratings for a candidate who has not served in office with the NRA and CCDL, which is a very strong gun, pro gun, pro Second Amendment group here in Connecticut.”

“She is also very proud of having helped make Connecticut an abortion haven. She has a 100 percent rating and is endorsed by Planned Parenthood. She speaks at their meetings,” Levy said. “I attend the March for Life. I am approved by the Susan B Anthony pro life America PAC. And I’m very proud to be unashamedly pro-life.”

Boyle mentioned the latest Senate Democrats’ reconciliation bill to be put to a vote this weekend and asked Levy to speak on the use of this Connecticut Senate seat.

Levy’s nickname for the Inflation Reduction Act is the “Schumer-Manchin Build Back Inflation Better bill.”

“It will raise taxes, from what I’ve read, for anyone with an income over $200,000. That’s breaking a promise Biden made that he wouldn’t tax anyone who makes $400,000 or less, it adds $100 billion to our unreasonable deficit, the debt we leave to our children and grandchildren.” said Levi.

“We need to change the direction of Connecticut. Connecticut is on the table. Blumenthal is underwater. Recent polls have shown that a majority of Connecticut voters — general election voters — don’t want him re-elected. He’s underwater and goes lower because he’s so closely aligned with Biden. Again, I call it the ‘Blumenthal disease,’ she said.

Levy further praised our capitalist economy and berated Blumenthal for attending Communist Party events.

“There has never been a system like capitalism that has brought greater prosperity to every individual and to our society. It’s the best system ever devised and Blumenthal has not only aligned himself with the progressives, but he even goes to the Communist Party, he has been for years,” she said.

“But nevertheless, I promise all voters that you will never see me at Communist Party events, that has certainly been all my life fighting the advance of communism in our country,” Levy promised.

Speaking about the enthusiasm of her campaign, Levy said, “I can tell you I’m all over the state and all over the state. I can feel the momentum on the ground, it’s palpable, and people from all backgrounds, even independents and Democrats.”

She also spoke about the progress she has made with Spanish voters in her state.

“I get a lot of traction. I work — in the Hispanic community as a native Spanish-speaking Hispanic — In the dump there were Hispanics who said they are Democrats, but they want to vote for me in November,” Levy said.

“They have had enough of the Democratic Party because Hispanics and Republicans have shared values, faith, family, good education, non-indoctrination and hard work, the ability to succeed and pass on a better life to your children and make sure that your children get that chance,” she added.

“That’s what will bring Spanish voters to the Republican Party in November, and I’m the nominee to lead that effort. They’ll be voting for all of our candidates on the ballot this year,” Levy said.

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Jordan Dixon-Hamilton is a reporter for Breitbart News. Write it down or follow him Twitter.

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